What comes after mastering the fundamentals?

Sheffield BJJ Classes and Mansfield BJJ Classes Available for Advanced Students at Five Rings Grappling

Five Rings Grappling Academy define different stages of development with the Fundamentals and the Advanced Programmes. These show different skill levels as students go from one to the other at their own pace.

Our Programmes.

Because the Fundamentals Program focuses on the basics, the Advanced Program is built on higher-level techniques. With drills that build the students game through the development of speed and timing as well as moving between one technique and another.

BJJ Mansfield and Sheffield BJJ Classes are Worth Their Weight in Gold Medals Around Five Rings Students Necks

Students in the Advanced Programme usually experience the discipline and commitment to healthy habits that keep them in good shape.

These classes are based on a curriculum that is open-minded and uses techniques from different grappling styles so can take a student all of the way to black belt.

Five Rings BJJ Mansfield and Sheffield BJJ Grappling Academy Help Produce Yet Another British Champion

Benefit of Joining our Advanced Program;

  • Learn the best take down techniques
  • Move easily between Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo & Wrestling techniques
  • Gain an overall fitness level
  • Have a better understanding of different Grappling arts
  • Build your game by working with the instructors on your favourite moves
  • Enter in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and/or Judo competitions

This club is awesome! Great rolls and a brilliant group of people! The coach is very knowledgable and have links with the top people in the industry. You will make friends for life

Marcin Klingbajl

Great gym. The coaches are all really good and knowledgeable and everyone is super friendly. Great atmosphere for training. The facilities are good and clean and the gym is easy to get to with good parking.

Paula McHale

Very friendly place with all levels available inc. children's classes and female and male instructors. Both Gi and No-Gi with high level instructors and amazing visiting coaches and seminars.

David Trindade