How much does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu cost?

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Evaluating Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Cost – Is A Class Worth The Money?

BJJ has been gaining in popularity for the last decade in part due to the increasing media footprint of MMA fighters and the bouts that are now broadcast across the globe. Many of the world’s best use the principles (and practice) of Jiu Jitsu to subdue opponents bigger and stronger than they are (using leverage and submissions including chokes and locks). However, is the sheer physical effectiveness alone worth the attention that it has been getting? The answer may be a nuanced one – especially for those who are considering a class. Is it worth the investment given the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu cost per class session?

The first thing to realize is that the techniques of using grappling and ground fighting to subdue an opponent are used by many of the most elite fighting units in the world. It is part and parcel of being an effective fighting unit. It is focused on causing the opponent to submit as quickly as possible – and it allows the practitioner to take down and subdue far larger (and stronger) opponents quickly and effectively.

So, the martial art has been recognized as incredibly effective – but is there more to becoming a practitioner than simply suing the force and power of a larger opponent against them? In other words, the knowledge of human physiology is key – but is a knowledge of oneself as important?

What is that worth?

It may surprise many people but those who are comfortable with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu cost may be investing in far more than an effective method of self-defense, when in fact, many of the practitioners report that they were more in touch with the capabilities on not only their body’s but of their minds as well. There appears to be an element of meditation involved in the practice.

The practice of martial arts that have their origins in Eastern practice (of which Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one) tends to teach that the ideal practice can only be achieved when there is a balance between body and mind. For instance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ha, as one of its ideals the concept of ‘Mushin’. This is the founding principle of Zen Buddhism. It strives for the ideal mental state of ‘mind without mind.’ This is not, as many would expect, the clearing of the mind completely – but rather a situational awareness that encourages that the practitioner is completely ‘present’.

As we move through ever more challenging times the ability to leave the outside world and its stresses at the door is one that should be prized. An intense focus on the job at hand – and divorcing oneself from those negative (and in some instances positive) emotions that rule everyday life can be a tremendously liberating experience. The practitioner is simply living in the ‘now’. The psychological benefits of such an approach are akin to those experienced during a period of intense mediation.

So Is it Worth it?

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class – and its cost are not only an investment in controlled response to situations where violence may not be an option, it is also an investment in psychological stability that is increasingly difficult to achieve amidst the chaos of the modern world. Put simply, it is money well spent.