Five Rings Grappling Academy has classes daily. They cater to students ranging from 4 years old all the way to students in their 60’s.

Champions Classes

  • 4-6 Years – This is the Little Champions Class.
  • 7-10 Years – This is the Junior Champions Class
  • 11+ Years – This is the Teen Champion Class

We have found that splitting the younger students into these age groups help them in a variety of ways. The students can train, practice and socialise with other people their age. We have found that students progress much faster when they are surrounded by and training with other students of their own size and age. Our Champions classes follow the IBJJF grading guidelines (approximately 1 year between each belt and 3 month stripe promotions). As well as Jiu Jitsu we focus a great amount on Life Skills and have a Growth Mindset portion of each class. This can range from Self Discipline and Self Control all the way to Being Respectful and Good Attitude.

Adult Classes

These classes are split into ability. Fundamentals (Beginner) and Advanced in the Gi, and No Gi Submission Wrestling. The no gi classes are an All Level class meaning that any adult student can train.

  • Fundamentals/Beginner  – Any age, White Belt grade – The fundamentals continues until the student has achieved 2 stripe promotions.
  • Advanced  – Any age. Students in the advanced class will train here until black belt.
  • No Gi – Any Age and any skill level. The training wear for this class is shorts and rashguard. This class follows an ADCC ruleset and not a BJJ one.
  • Ladies – Women Only. Any female student over the age of 14 years old can join this class.

All of the classes at Five Rings Grappling Academy are taught by qualified Instructors with years of experience. We take great pride in having students that understand the concepts and principles of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as the practical techniques.  As a result of this we believe we teach the best Jiu Jitsu in the area.


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