Cost of BJJ for Military Vet? Train for Free!!

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I’m regularly asked “How much does BJJ cost?” well if you are, or know of, a military veteran then IT’S FREE!

Are YOU or do you KNOW ANYONE that has served in the military and NEEDS JIU JITSU!?

If so, we are giving FREE PLACES (worth £236) on our BJJ beginners course. This can also be used at both academies.

You can simply ask them to message us and they can be helped by the most b physical, emotional and mental benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You can read more here

Also check out Royal Marines Charity Re-Org 

Please share and let them know that we’re here for them! Just click here to contact us and book in straight away.

What some Actual Veterans think

  • Ben Bradley (Former Royal MarineS Commando) reviewed Five Rings Grappling Academy – Mansfield – “I love this place. Everyone is very welcoming and everyone’s egos are left at the door. The atmosphere on the mat is chilled out and fun. The instruction is second to none and I never leave this place feeling unsure about a technique or feel like what I have been practicing is not useable. If your thinking about trying bjj start here it’s my favourite place to train.”
  • Tim Wagstaff (Former Parachute Regiment) says “Jiu Jitsu has been great for me. I really feel like I can workout and have a laugh at the same time. I love it!

There are a huge number of veterans within our programme. Ricky Fenlon, Mansfield Black Belt, is formerly a Royal Engineer. There are also former Marines, Paras and even SF students.  After speaking lots with Sam at Re-Org, we really feel that by offering the chance for vets to train for free and taking the cost of BJJ away it can truly help former service personnel with any underlying issues they have when coming back to civilian life.

Ex service members really feel that Jiu Jitsu is perfect to help combat mental health and physical recovery. Learning a new skill in a physical, sometime competitive environment helps bring out confidence. You can look at our FAQ Page for any other information.